Class Speaker Reflection: Taylor Downs

Taylor Downs is a recent Champlain College graduate that came into our Capstone class to speak with us about her digital marketing experience within her profession. Taylor is currently working as a Digital Marketing Manger for Green Mountain at Fox Run, which works to create a non-diet program to help Vermont women lose weight in a healthy way. They achieve helping these women lose and maintain a healthy weight by focusing on three central areas: mindful and intuitive eating, enjoyable physical activity, and understanding and managing the emotions and behaviors that lead to binge eating, emotional overeating and negative body image. Taylor’s main responsibilities as the companies digital marketing manager include developing, sharing and reporting on the companies social media content. Other major task include development of the email marketing campaign, analyzing success of the overall digital marketing campaign and strategy, management of SEO and SEM, and managing graphic design/website development.

Much of Taylor’s presentation was focused on how we should be preparing to have success in obtaining a job after graduation. She put much stress on the importance of content marketing and blogging. As marketing majors, especially those with a specialization on digital marketing, she believes that we should put forth a lot of energy and time on creating an impressive online content for ourselves. She suggested that we should consider continuing our blogging long after Capstone is over, and that having a substantial blog greatly helped her in obtaining a job which she has a passion for. Taylor mentioned that as a digital marketing manager, she does a considerable amount of work involving website development and video editing. This is something that she did not have much practice with while at college. Looking back, Taylor wishes that she had had more experience within these specialties because at first she struggled with these tasks.

Overall, Taylor tried to convey to us the importance of getting as many internships as possible in order to gain as much experience and knowledge as we could. Having a wide array of real life work experience will help in our decisions on which field we want to work in. She thinks that digital marketing will continue to become a larger and larger component to a companies overall marketing campaign.



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