Speaker Reflection: Stu McGown

I found Stu’s presentation to be the most interesting speaker presentation we have had this year. I think that his presentation had the most significant impact on me because Stu’s overall message was so unique, compared to other speakers I have heard while at Champlain. His insights were very valuable to me because his central focus is on real estate within the Burlington area. From what I gathered, Stu has achieved great success through the renovation of houses and apartments in the North End region of town. When I meet someone like Stu, I often try to understand what he or she did in their professional career to get to the point they are at now. This is always something that fascinates me, mainly due to the fact that I am about to start taking steps in my life to one point be in a similar situation as Stu. It was comforting to learn that Stu majored in video production and not something that is geared towards pursuing a career in the real estate industry. Sometimes I feel that my focus on marketing will hinder my ability to pursue a job in commercial real estate and development, Stu’s story helps reinforce my confidence. It was incredible how Stu leveraged giving back to the community in order to have as much success as he has had. Through his central goal of community involvement and well being, he was able to make connections and open doors to opportunities that he would not have been able to achieve otherwise. Overall, Stu’s general message was very refreshing and I believe that the entire class appreciated his mentality on finding a career. The majority of the feedback I am getting nowadays regarding finding a job has a very stressful and critical tone to it. It was nice to hear from someone that jumping into a career right away isn’t always the most important factor in our lives.


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