Professional Values Statement

Looking 40-50 years into the future, I predict that the world of marketing will have transformed and grown in many ways. We are living in a time where society is increasingly more and more connected due to advancements in technology. With this increase in interconnectedness, comes an incredible amount of information that can be utilized in order to enhance marketers’ ability to market products or services that will improve societies overall quality of life, as well as an enhanced ability to reach consumers within our society. As my peers and myself are about to embark into careers within various dimensions of the marketing industry, I feel it is essential that we realize we are on the forefront on a new era of marketing. Entering this new era, it is our responsibility as young professionals to navigate the marketing world in a direction that is beneficial to society as a whole. This will involve advocating and executing a collective mentality within the industry that is focused and dedicated to practicing complete transparency. Through this transparency, we will be able to create a marketing environment where companies that create positive value and enhancement of quality of life will be rewarded, while those companies that do not benefit society will eventually be seeded out. These practices of transparency will also help in establishing solidified regulations concerning consumer privacy in regards to data collection and marketing techniques. Overall, I see this new era of marketing to hold many great possibilities for the industry and societies overall quality of life alike. I am confident that as emerging young professionals within the industry, we are sufficiently equipped with the education and moral compass to navigate the marketing industry in a way that will be beneficial to all.